Argentine Tango in the Heartland

TSoM Video of the Month

Murat & Sigrid

This month's video selection: Murat Erdemsel & Sigrid van Tilbeurgh. It was a tango exhibition performed at Catania Tango Festival in April, 2018; they are dancing to "Belgica" by Rodolfo Biagi. We in the Twin Cities are familiar with the insightful teaching...

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TSoM Video of the Month: Ode to Impromptu Tango

This month's video selection: "Ocho Cortado Me, Baby"—TangoHelena presents a music video showcasing dancers from Helena, Montana, and Albuquerque, New Mexico. They are dancing to a hip-hop-styled song written by the inimitable Momo Smitt. Our video this...

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Ariadna and Fernando

This month's video selection: Ariadna Naveira & Fernando Sanchez. It was performed in Moscow, November 2017. They are dancing a lively milonga performed by  Tango En Vivo. A playful milonga is often replete with quick-steps and flourishes; both require...

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Video of the Month: Inza & Saborido

This month's video selection: Pablo Inza & Sofia Saborido. They performed this tango in Montreal last March, dancing to "No Quiero Perderte" by O. Pugliese. Our own Parvin Dorostkar is bringing these two to the Twin Cities in June. They are sought after the world...

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