All about the TSoM Event Calendar


General Information

The TSoM Event Calendar (a.k.a. Minneapolis Tango Calendar) is a service provided by TSoM in its mission to promote Argentine tango in Minnesota. The Calendar is a comprehensive listing of tango dances (milongas), dance practice sessions (practicas), regularly scheduled tango lessons, and special workshop and performance events. TSoM itself sponsors some of the events listed on the Calendar, but most are organized by others in our community. Teachers and event organizers are responsible for the accuracy and updating of their respective listings. Questions about a particular event should be directed to the organizer holding that event.

Special tango workshops are also featured on a quick-glance listing on the Special Events Page. See the Organizer Guidelines for getting your workshop listed.

If you have questions about the TSoM Event Calendar, need help contacting an event organizer, have issues with your account, or would like to establish a TSoM calendar edit account, please contact the Calendar Administrator by E-mail:

Tips for viewing the Minneapolis Tango Calendar

If you’re having trouble seeing the calendar, or if your event is not showing up, try refreshing your browser page.

If an event posting is too long to view properly, try to zoom in on your browser. If that fails, contact the organizer, or Calendar Administrator  (