Guidelines for Calendar Administration


If you are a tango dance teacher or sponsor milongas, practicas, or workshop events, these simple instructions will allow you (herein referred to as a “Sponsor”) to post your event to the TSoM Event Calendar (a.k.a. Minneapolis Tango Calendar). But first, you must register for an Event Calendar Account, the instructions for which follow.

In general, be mindful of the following courtesies:
☛ This calendar is for Tango events in Minnesota only.
☛ Do not eclipse other events.
☛ You are solely responsible for keeping your event(s) up to date.

Registering for a Calendar Account

If you are a tango event Sponsor and wish to register for posting access to the Calendar, send your request by email to the Calendar Administrator: If accepted, a Google Calendar will be created for you (“[your name] TSoM Calendar Entries”).

Posting and Editing Your Calendar

Each Sponsor will be granted access to the TSoM calendar via their Google accounts. You need a Google account and a Google Calendar properly identified as “[your name] TSoM Calendar Entries”. Each Sponsor will maintain their own distinct calendar. When new entries are posted (or old ones edited), the “Save” command uploads it to the TSoM Event Calendar on the TSoM website. You can then view the full Calendar on the website to make certain it was posted as desired.

Registered sponsors can add an assistant to post to the Calendar on their behalf. Just email requests for additional persons to

To post an event:

  1. Check the TSoM Event Calendar to be certain that the event you want to schedule doesn’t conflict with others.
  2. Sign into your Google account and navigate to your Google Calendar.
  3. Click on the calendar on the day and time of your event. Enter the event title and select your TSoM calendar (something like “[your name] TSoM Calendar Entries]”) in the “calendar” drop-down menu.”
  4. Click “Edit event.”
  5. Edit the time input boxes as needed. Enter a location (with address) in the “where” input box. Enter a description (a little marketing talk is a good idea).
  6. “Save” your entry.
  7. Open the TSoM website/Calendar to verify that your posting was uploaded and looks the way it should.

To edit a previously posted event:

  1. Open the TSoM website/Calendar on the TSom website.
  2. Click on the event you want to edit. Click on “more details” at the lower left corner of the popup window. This opens your
  3. Google Calendar to the event edit window.3. Make the changes you need, making sure your TSoM calendar (“[your name] TSoM calendar entries”) is selected in the “Calendar” box.
  4. “Save” your changes.
  5. Go back to the TSoM Calendar, refresh the page, and verify that your changes were uploaded and properly displayed.

To ensure events are clear and fully visible:

  1. Limit description length to 28 lines, critical items first.
  2. Include contact information (required).
  3. Location (where field, which triggers a map).
  4. Make use of the “What” and “Where” inputs. Use the “Description” to your good marketing advantage.
  5. State the actual time of the event. Note: “All Day” option is only permitted for TSoM events, workshops, or actual all-day events.
  6. Limit recurring events to a one-year span.

It’s also helpful to include:

  • Map link and any special directions.
  • Notes about the dance floor, food, beverages, alcohol permissions, parking, etc.
  • Links to additional information if applicable.

A little troubleshooting advice if you’re having trouble:

  • Carefully review your entry for errors.
  • Sign out of Google/Gmail before viewing your post on the TSoM Calendar page.
  • View the TSoM Calendar on different browsers if possible (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Explorer, mobile devices).

You might also consider:

TSoM provides a subscription email service (“Tsom-announce”) to dancers. TSoM encourages you to announce your event there as well. Go to “Email News” for more information on posting to that service.

A caveat . . .

Inaccurate event information or information that cannot be properly viewed can reflect negatively on this Calendar. If a guest cannot find your event because the information was out of date or not input properly, they may be reluctant to trust the Calendar again.

TSoM reserves the right to remove or edit any event on this calendar. TSoM has full authority to grant and revoke access to this calendar.

TSoM wishes you a successful event!