You can read the bylaws by which the Tango Society of Minnesota is bound. A copy will be downloaded to your hard drive when you hit the button below.

TSoM Policies and Procedures

TSoM Policy: Grants to Individuals (revised 02/2017): A policy statement governing monetary grants to fund local events and the individuals who sponsor them. Download a copy.

TSoM Policy: Performances at Sponsored Events (revised 02/16): Guidlines for individuals and groups who wish to perform at TSoM milongas. Download a copy.

TSoM Policy: Endorsement of Teachers at Community Education Classes (issued 03/24/2016):

TSoM teachers (members of TSoM) who offer classes through community education programs throughout the Twin Cities are allowed to include in their class descriptions and/or personal biographies for those classes an indication that they are endorsed by the Tango Society of Minnesota. Teachers must notify the TSoM board that they have used or included this endorsement in any such class description or biography. This policy is not intended to show any partiality with regard to teachers and is not an endorsement by TSoM or its board of any particular teacher over another. (Download a copy)