Public Tango Exhibitions


Want to add some hot tango to your event?

In its mission to foster Argentine tango in Minnesota, the Tango Society of Minnesota has frequently coordinated with others to perform tango dance demonstrations for public and private groups, educational organizations, and the general public in a variety of venues, shopping malls, libraries, fairs and civic events. TSoM is always looking for opportunities to demonstrate to the public their passion for this legendary dance.

Do you have a Latin-themed event? Are you featuring Argentine culture at your school, library, or arts institution? Music and dance is a popular feature for such events. And the tango—besides being a dance admired by nearly everyone—is an essential element of Argentine culture and history.

TSoM’s Events Coordinator can assist you with programming an Argentine tango demonstration that will spice up your event. TSoM has access to dancers, experienced social dancers and teacher/performers, to suit most situations. They are able to select appropriate music, choreograph the performance, and coordinate staging and sound equipment requirements with you.

To see if we can help out, please contact: TSoM Events Coordinator at