Fostering Argentine Tango

The Tango Society of Minnesota is a member-supported, non-profit social club. It was organized in 1999 to foster the genesis of Argentine Tango in the Twin Cities during the mid-nineties. Back then, early adherents of Tango were growing impatient with the lack of opportunities to learn more about this fascinating dance and enjoy it at regularly scheduled dance parties. TSoM quickly established a monthly milonga which it still hosts today. It also had its hand in the early days to encourage the invitation of bona fide, tango-teaching talent from around the world.

Supporting a local, growing dance community

With leadership soon coming from the community itself, TSoM deferred any active engagement organizing workshops, lessons, or practice sessions (practicas). It exists now as an umbrella organization committed to supporting the community of teachers, event promoters, DJs, and dancers, to grow a thriving tango dance scene.

Serving visitors and the local community

TSoM is also the face of Argentine Tango for tango dancers visiting the Twin Cities and interested parties from the community at large.

For the visitor, TSoM is your Tango Concierge, informing the visitor of all things tango in our area. It’s a great way to ease the visitor’s participation in local tango events.

For a variety of local organizations, TSoM is a source for Outreach possibilities. It has supported many exhibitions of Argentine Tango around the Cities over the years. If you have a fundraiser, program, or public event where a demonstration of Tango would be just the thing, you’ve come to the right place. See “Outreach” for more information.